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Ross Butler
Consulting & Content

Ross Butler

Ross is managing director of Linear B Group. He leads strategic client projects, with a particular focus on the investment industry.

Ross has addressed academic conferences at both Harvard and Oxford University, on the topics of private equity and ESG.

He was secretary to the Professional Standards Committee of the European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (2010–2011) and Editor of European private equity title Real Deals (2004–2008), during which time he was a regular ‘pundit’ on BBC Business Television. He currently hosts Fund Shack, the world’s largest independent private equity video-podcast. 

Ross is author of ‘The Little Book of Private Equity’, ‘Cave Boy’, and ‘Fooled by Progress’. He is a school governor (2016-) and campaigner for children’s welfare. He ran the Children’s Union (2020–2022) to defend the interests of children.


Linear B masterclass

Ross Butler looks at the non-financial skills relating to success in professional services, including communications and marketing, ethics, presentation skills, branding, messaging, and scaling your business in a competitive, professional environment.