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Managing Director

Ross Butler

Ross is responsible for Linear B’s strategy and leads strategic client projects, particularly in the investment industry. He also hosts our proprietary video-podcast, Fund Shack.

He is author of ‘the Little Book of Private Equity’, ‘Fooled by Progress – a monograph on the misapplication of complexity’; and ‘Cave Boy gets Dinner’.

Ross is co-founder of World Class Britain, a Spectator columnist, and was formerly an executive board member at LPEC. Prior to that, he was Communications Director at Invest Europe and Editor of Real Deals.

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B valued.
B understood.

Case studies

  • EY
  • Refinitiv
  • Equistone
  • Julius Baer
  • ETF Partners
  • Fund Shack
  • Palamon Capital
  • Elaghmore LLP
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