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Creative & Digital Director

Regine Wilber

Regine leads Linear B’s branding, design and data visualisation projects, drawing on decades of creative experience across finance and luxury goods sectors.

She oversees creative design projects from conceptualisation through to the implementation of new brand visuals on internal and external applications, such as branded stationery, office signage, exhibition collateral, web and social media.

Regine is creative lead on the World Class Britain account and co-founder of Standeazy Ltd. Regine has previously led creative projects for Cinven, Palamon Capital Partners, Climate Change Capital, JPMorgan Private Bank, Morgan Stanley and consumer brands such as Mercedes-Benz.

B recognised.
B valued.
B understood.

Case studies

  • EY
  • Refinitiv
  • Equistone
  • Julius Baer
  • ETF Partners
  • Fund Shack
  • Palamon Capital
  • Elaghmore LLP
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