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Ross Butler

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Ross is managing director of Linear B Group. He leads strategic client projects, with a particular focus on the investment industry and the energy sector. His current projects include client publications and thought-leadership production, corporate policy reviews and investor-communication content.

Ross has addressed academic conferences at both Harvard and Oxford University. He was secretary to the Professional Standards Committee of the European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (2010–2011) and Editor of European private equity title Real Deals (2004–2008), during which time he was a regular ‘pundit’ on BBC Business Television. He is author of ‘The Little Book of Private Equity’, ‘Cave Boy’, and ‘Fooled by Progress’.

Ross is a school governor (2016-) and campaigner for children’s welfare. He ran the Children’s Union (2020–2022) to defend children’s interests during the covid measures.


Linear B masterclass

Ross Butler looks at the non-financial skills relating to success in professional services, including communications and marketing, ethics, presentation skills, branding, messaging, and scaling your business in a competitive, professional environment.

Our team

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