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Investor & stakeholder communications

Supporting a leading European mid-market private equity firm to convey its strategy among institutional investors and stakeholders


Equistone has a unique approach to private equity investment, which it wanted to convey in a way that was authentic and provided genuine insight.


We constructed a magazine that is designed to show, not what they do, but how they think.

We conceived a publication that would draw on the personal perspectives of the firm’s professionals to give readers an ‘inside-view’ into the firm’s approach, strategy and values.

Platform is a highly successful communication magazine, circulated to the firm’s stakeholders.

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    B recognised.
    B valued.
    B understood.

    Case studies

    • EY
    • Refinitiv
    • ETF Partners
    • Fund Shack
    • Palamon Capital
    • Elaghmore LLP
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