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Analytical investment insights


Thought leadership marketing for private market service providers.

Our Consulting team has built deep subject matter expertise in the area of private market investment, which allows us to provide high-value, highly technical marketing content to companies in this sector.

Attracting and sustaining the attention of a sophisticated institutional audience can be difficult and expensive but by partnering with Linear B, leading private market players can offer unique and tailored insights to their own teams and their client-based, in a cost-effective way.

In so doing, we create opportunities for our clients to have regular, high-value engagements with clients, investors or prospects.

Our research team provides a sophisticated view on specific private market segments, for instance, around fund investment opportunities. Outputs can include:

  • Quarterly presentations of analysis;
  • Introduction to the segment dynamics; 
  • A report on a target fund’s positioning and performance evaluation; 
  • Video-podcast with managing partner of target fund.

We also develop branded analytical communications, weaving in messaging that is tailored to your client base, so you can deliver value-added insights, efficiently and cost-effectively. 

How we deliver

Our combined analytical and strategic marketing capabilities are unmatched in this market. Our private market experts and content-marketing professionals work seamlessly to create analytical communications in fully packaged, multi-media formats, for a sophisticated audience.

Analytical capabilities: our senior consultants develop insights and data-rich content. Themes our clients request include:

  • Private market ‘hot topics’; 
  • Analyses of macro-trends and how they relate to specific investment trends; 
  • Data-driven insights into specific regions and strategies. 

Marketing and creative: our editorial, digital, design and recording studio presents the content across multiple channels, repurposed for maximum impact.

Frequencies: we provide monthly, quarterly and bi-annual communications, as well as annual or ad hoc studies and reports.

Outputs and channels

We deliver across a variety of interactive, leading-edge marketing channels. (The frequency, depth and tone are jointly defined with clients to meet their specific objectives.) 

  • Outlook briefings – digital products

Branded online publications / interactive micro-sites, with insight and analysis, sponsored or customised to deliver specific strategic messages.

  • Interactive presentation & webinar

Our consultants lead presentations and/or moderate guest webinars to introduce the latest edition and provide a forum for engagement and interaction with your stakeholders.

  • Traditional & physical content

A well-presented physical document ‘stands out from the crowd’ as a way to present branded insights and analysis. 

  • Website-based insights

We provide summary versions for public website, with full access and library behind log-in.

  • Email and social campaign

We develop email campaigns and social media outreach, to build-out email lists.

The outputs can be for in-house use only; fully white labelled as your own; presented as semi-independent editorialised content; or as exclusive sponsored content. 

Key benefits 

  • Sophisticated analysis and insight on prospects
  • Client engagement: Provide engagement opportunities with your clients and prospects.
  • Positioning: Strategic positioning on thematic topics.
  • Customer insight:  Go-to source of insight for your clients. 
  • Efficiency and cost: Minimal internal burden for maximum value. 

If you would like more information, please get in touch. 

Ross Butler                Cyril Demaria